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Fine Art Boudoir Photographer Durham NC

come with me to

re-discover your divine femininity

In a world that often measures women through a lens skewed by societal norms, you, like many, have found yourself feeling adrift, lost in the expectations of others. The journey to embracing your divine femininity can be a tumultuous one, marked by external judgments and societal pressures.

Yet, within this sanctuary I've created, you will find a space where the weight of those judgments fades away. Boudoir photography is a part of a transformative journey—a mirror reflecting not just your physical form, but the resilience in your eyes and the unspoken poetry of your soul. It's a haven where you can reclaim your narrative, celebrating the unique beauty, strength, and sensuality

that makes you who you are.

Step into this space and let me capture the raw, unfiltered magic within.

Allow my lens to tell your story that is undeniably and authentically yours.

"If I could give 10 stars I would! Kristen is so amazing at her craft and goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and at home during your shoot. Be prepared to be blown away at your final product! Couldn’t recommend more!”

  • Jenny

“Kristen is an absolute magician with the camera! She spends her time capturing the intimate, candid moments with you. If you are looking for someone to take photos that are meaningful and intimate, she is your woman! She captured the light of the day just right with an all-natural landscape. I would highly recommend her be a part of those special moments in your life!”

  • Lindsey

"These are so good! I love them! You made it so easy to be comfortable. Seriously, you have such a gift! So obsessed, I don’t know which ones are my favorite, they’re all so good, holy crap. To what do I owe the pleasure of having you in my life!!!”

  • Tori

All Heart Access - 2023 Artist of the Year

Hey my love!

Photography has been my medium for communicating my thoughts and ideas about the world for almost twenty years. Most of my work has focused on documentary shooting, trying to capture ephemeral emotions as they develop. Being a quiet observer of the world around me is my super power.

I've been and done a lot in my life - from social worker, HOA manager (never again!), birth doula, and then labor & delivery nurse (still at it!), and stripping in Las Vegas (talk about a wild ride). I've tried a TON, failed a lot, learned so many things about myself and womanhood and life! But all of these crazy adventures have brought me here, to you now. As a trauma informed practitioner and girl who's been through it myself, I can help you blossom in the knowledge that you are safe, heard, and in control always.

Now, more than anything, I am passionate about photographing you, as you are. I love hearing what your goals are for your session and what makes you, you. I want everyone I work with to walk away with a sense of being seen in the full spectrum of their light. I aspire to make that magic with you which you deserve.


Do you do any other types of photography?

Yes! I still love photographing so many precious and beautiful moments - from engagements and weddings, to maternity, newborn, and family sessions - please reach out and I am happy to send over my portfolio and client guide and we can create something spectacular to archive your most precious moments and memories!

Do you offer mini sessions?

I do! I am so grateful for the woman and families who started this journey with me and as a gift to them (and now all of you!) I created a unique subscription service. This is a way that guarantees unique, beautiful, and fun mini sessions that rotate every year where no one misses their opportunity. Subscribers choose from one, two, or three mini sessions annually and there are a TON of perks! If you are interested please type "mini" in your inquiry form.

How much do you Photoshop your images?

I love to shoot a combination of digital and film - and what film has taught me over the years is the beauty in the details. I try to keep as much of the image true to what I see - I edit out only what would be so distracting you wouldn't be able to focus on the rest of the image (think bruises and boogers, ha!). I want you to know that when you look at your images you are going to see a true portrait of your actual self as you are. I don't know of a better way to show women how beautiful they are.

How can I order wall art & albums with you?

I try to make this the easiest thing for my clients - with your session you receive a generous credit towards a print package or wall art. I meet with you in person to figure out which images you'd like to use and in what format that would best suit your home and do all the ordering for you.

If you'd like to add on additional images for wall art or albums after our meeting you can always reach out and I'll take the stress away and do what needs to be done to get your memories home to you.

Tell me more about the Print Packages?

My philosophy on photography as art is that it's not made to be on a screen - the goal for every session is to have you walk away with some tangible art of you. I have various packages at different price points depending on what works best for you and your aesthetic. When your heirloom keepsake box is hand delivered to you we take the time to go over all of your options and I help guide you to determine what would work best for you. You've already received a generous credit towards any print package or wall art when booking a session with me. Choose between archival matted prints & USB drive, wall art, or bespoke albums, and a few other unique finds.

All the prints and wall art are from a professional printing service, ensuring the best archival quality to guarantee you a lifetime of elegance. All wall art comes with a lifetime guarantee. A print package purchased receives a 20% discount on any additional wall art pieces purchased.

What kind of gear do you use?

I'm a sucker for anything that makes me feel at home - the Fuji mirrorless cameras have been the ones that brought me back to my best self. I love the similarities to my 35mm film Nikon FM3A cameras and cannot get over the beauty these produce. I currently shoot with a X-T5 and have an X-T2 as my secondary body. I also have a Mamiya 6 for medium format film, and a classic Polaroid for a vintage flair.

I shoot with prime lenses - a 85mm and 35mm (equivalent) & have a wide angle 24mm (equivalent) for macro and landscape photography. I also love to get creative and artistic using a few Lensbaby creative lenses and filters.

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