Hey my love!

I love playing this game "Two Truths and a Lie" I'll go first:

1) I have been married for ten years. I met my husband when he was out in Vegas as a professional poker player. We met at a country night club (I don't actually listen to country music), and he's what brought me to North Carolina.

2) My sis-in-law is an astronaut and is going to be the first woman to fly to the moon. Our favorite thing to do together is surf and we're going to teach my son to catch some waves sooner rather than later. I'm an ocean addict.

3) I have one little boy who's my world. It took us five years and multiple rounds of IVF to get him here. A few days after our embryo transfer I did a tarot reading for myself and it was so clear in telling me that this round would be successful (The Sun XIX! Ha!) that I didn't read agin for myself or anyone else until my son was over one year old.

Okay so there are actually no lies there.

I've always been drawn to understanding myself and other women through the lens of sexual and sensuality. I thought about becoming a sex therapist (then decided grad school would take too long). My relationship with my own body and identity has changed many times with all the experiences I've had. I work daily on appreciating my body and what it has done for me. I'm discovering what feels sensual and sexy for me as this new version of myself every day.

I've walked, and am still walking this path towards complete self-love and full actualization of my whole self. Getting to guide a client though this process in a direct, joyful, fun and sensual way is literally the best job (and I've had a lot). Nothing moves me more than creating an image of a client who, when they see their image for the first time, transforms their understanding of themselves. It's a profound and intimate experience to be allowed in on - it's the best feeling ever.