Small adjustments in your posing that make a big impact at your boudoir shoot

This can be your ultimate guide on how to slay your boudoir shoot by mastering the art of tiny adjustments! When we think of posing, we get caught up in all the big moves, crazy contortions, and awkward balancing, but in this post, we'll dive deep into the subtle yet powerful tweaks you can make to your hands, arms, legs, feet, and body to enhance your poses and radiate confidence like never before. These tiny adjustments are what I spend the most time on when posing and coaching my boudoir clients - and they’re so easy. From simply adjusting your fingers to arching your back, we'll cover it all, so get ready to elevate your boudoir game and unleash your inner goddess!


Let's start with the hands, shall we? Instead of letting your hands go limp or awkwardly hang by your sides, try gently curling your fingers to create soft, elegant shapes. Pointing your fingers slightly can elongate your hands and add a touch of grace to your poses. Honestly if you take nothing else away from this boudoir posing guide - point your fingers (and your toes!). Experiment with different hand placements, such as resting them on your hips, running them through your hair, or delicately touching your collarbone. Remember, the key is to keep your hands relaxed and natural while adding a hint of sophistication to your overall look. This is an easy (and subtle) thing to practice in the mirror before your session. Don’t be afraid to take a closer look at where and how a model’s hands are positioned in a photoshoot and try to mimic that. I also tell my clients to move their hands. Everything looks so much more natural and flowy when you’re moving your body in space so don’t be afraid to run your fingers up and down your sides & legs, pull on your bra strap, or just grab that juicy booty!

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Next up, let's talk about arms. Arms are often one of the things my clients mention wanting to veil during their boudoir shoot. To help your arms look strong and not squished, avoid letting your arms flatten against your body, as this can appear unflattering in photos. Instead, create separation between your arms and torso by gently lifting them away from your sides. To do this without looking awkward, just breathe in and relax and roll your shoulders back lifting your chest - good posture is the key (and something I am currently struggling with - cue me sitting up more straight in my chair…) Softly bending your elbows can also add a subtle curve to your arms, creating a more feminine silhouette. Curves and lines always make for a more interesting and beautiful photograph so I encourage you to bend your arms or put your arms up above your head. Experiment with placing your hands on your hips, clasping them together in front of you, or gracefully draping them over furniture or props. Don't be afraid to play around with different arm positions until you find what feels most flattering for you. Again, this is something you can practice at home without being too obvious. The more practice you do in a mirror at home the more comfortable you’ll feel on the day of your session.

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Now, let's focus on those fabulous legs of yours! Whether you're sitting, standing, or lying down, small adjustments to your leg positioning can make a world of difference in your boudoir photos. When sitting or lying down, try crossing your legs at the ankles or extending one leg slightly in front of the other to create length and elegance. Straight lines in your body create boring or unflattering images. The subtle shift of making one knee bend a little more or exaggerating your hip out makes a huge impact behind the lens. If you’re standing, experiment with shifting your weight onto one leg while slightly bending the other knee, known as the "soft knee" pose, for a more relaxed and natural look. Don't forget to point your toes and elongate your legs to create beautiful lines and shapes that highlight your best features. (Literally getting up to check my own leg posing out in my mirror right now, BRB). For longer legs try crossing your ankles and stretching out your forward leg making a long line with your body. I find crossing your legs at your ankles when standing looks the best (but I will admit this is hard if you want to keep your eyes closed).


Ah, the often-overlooked feet! While they may not be the focal point of your boudoir photos, paying attention to your foot positioning can add polish and sophistication to your overall pose. No but literally - I think the number one most important thing in a boudoir shoot is paying attention to your toes! When standing, avoid planting both feet flat on the ground. Instead, try pointing one foot slightly forward or arching it slightly to create a more dynamic and flattering stance. If sitting or lying down, experiment with gently crossing your ankles or pointing your toes to add visual interest and elegance to your pose. Remember, even the smallest adjustments to your feet can make a big impact on the overall composition of your photos. Did I mention? POINT YOUR TOES! (This also applies in pole dancing).

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Last but certainly not least, let's discuss general body positioning. Whether you're standing tall or reclining seductively, there are several small adjustments you can make to your body that will enhance your overall pose and exude confidence. Lift your chest slightly and roll your shoulders back to open up your chest and create a more flattering neckline - again, think good posture. When sitting or lying down, be mindful of your posture and avoid slouching or hunching over. Instead, lengthen your spine and imagine a string pulling you up towards the ceiling for a more statuesque and regal look. I often will have you exaggerate your posture by pushing your bust out towards the camera or popping your hip and booty out - more than you think you need to! It feels awkward but damn does it look good.

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And there you have it, my love! With just a few simple adjustments to your hands, arms, legs, feet, and body, you can transform your boudoir photos from ordinary to extraordinary. Lots of these are simple and easily practiced before your shoot so you can walk in with confidence. Take some time to look at models and take note of their hands and feet positions, try them out in the bathroom mirror and practice while singing in the shower! Remember, confidence is the sexiest accessory of all, so embrace your unique beauty and own every moment of your boudoir shoot. You've got this!