K Hammock Photography - Fine Art Boudoir Photographer - Durham, NC

The photos look incredible and sexy but what the hell happens at the actual photo session?

I love this question - like how do we get from "Okay, I'm doing this!" to "WOW HOLY SHIT THAT'S FREAKIN ME IN THOSE PHOTOS?!"  

Well, first off, get in touch with me silly! It seems obvious but if you think you want to do it and vibe with the photographer then make the inquiry. You don't have to book but it at least will get some questions answered and get your foot in the door.

There are a few steps between discovery call to the day of your boudoir session but the gist is: date is picked,  deposits are made, a location and outfits are chosen, and then the fun starts!

 For you, my lovely subject & muse, your job on the day of

your session is to come on time with your hair and makeup ready (though, once you get there, taking time for touch-ups is always expected) Boudoir sessions shouldn't feel rushed!

As your photographer I'll welcome you in by turning on your favorite sexy playlist and giving you:

  • A glass of your chosen beverage to help you chill out (tequila shots, anyone?)
  • A tour of the space we'll be shooting in, going over what I've conjured up in my head
  • And a quick rundown of how the session will flow.

If you brought any inspo we'll go over it together so we make sure to get all the important shots and go over all the little details that make your session uniquely you (like the way you love the freckles on your shoulders and how sexy they'd be draped by your favorite sweater, like OMG!)

When I'm thinking about the flow of the session I often want to go from the most covered to the most exposed - because let's be real, starting off buck naked isn't most people's cup of tea. So we start with you wearing what you feel most comfortable in or what has the most coverage. You'll get dressed (or undressed, ha) and we'll get to work! The other thing about outfits is if you have something that's tight or strappy we may leave that for the end of the session so there aren't marks on your body with every outfit change.

I tell everyone that, honestly, the first twenty-or-so minutes don't count. I'm just getting my camera settings correct and finding my sate of creative flow. If your photographer is quiet behind  the camera it's the settings she's figuring that out, it's not you!

Posing is guided - If you have me as your photographer, I promise I won't let you hang! From giving verbal direction, to getting down and doing the pose myself, you'll never feel like you don't know what to do. I always ask for your consent to touch you and help you move into position if verbal instructions aren't making sense.

For my sessions I truly follow the light. What does that mean? As a Fine Art photographer my goal is to give you more than just the standard "sexy" poses. I'm looking beyond that, finding what turns a good photo into an outstanding, powerful, and timeless piece of art, and most of the time it's light. This isn't something you, my lovely muse, has to worry about but I like to give you a BTS on what's going on in my brain so you get why I ask you to stand there, look out there, or tilt your chin up just a little more to get the shadow to land right where I want it.

Usually by this time we're both laughing, I'm realizing that I need more vocabulary because I keep exclaiming "OMG you're so amazing" and "I'm so in love!" and "Staaahp". I pause and show you your photos on the back of my camera every time I'm caught breathless by how beautiful you are. I'll probably throw in a Polaroid or two. You'll change outfits to make sure we've gotten all your favorites and then shoot until there's no light left.